Natural Earth Laboratory Vitamin C Serum Review

Wow this Vitamin C Serum by Natural Earth Laboratory is beyond amazing!!!
I was so excited to be able to receive this vitamin c serum in exchange for my honest review!! Studies have found that vitamin c applied to the skin helps reverse signs of aging! I would have to say i’m addicted to using vitamin c serums. I use them all the time and i’m always on the search for my top favorites. When I first received this vitamin c serum & tried it for the first time I was extremely impressed!! I was surprised by the smooth textured formula this vitamin c serum has as all the other vitamin c serums I have tried in the past were all watery in texture. I love the smooth texture of this serum it makes the serum so much easier to apply and feels amazing on your skin!! This serum comes in a 2oz bottle which is great since it will last you quite a long time which is a plus!! I definitely would recommend this vitamin c serum and brand to everyone!!

Amazon Link:

Link to my Amazon Review:

IMG_2892Amazon Description: 

  • 2oz of Vitamin C Serum, 2 times than most
  • Fast acting potent antioxidant
  • Formulated to help reverse the signs of aging
  • Made in the USA in a FDA inspected and GMP certified lab
  • 100% guaranteed, not satisfied, get a full refundProduct Description:

Product Description:

The Highest Quality and Best Value Vitamin C Serum (2 times larger than most competitors). Go ahead and use it right away. We specifically chose a pump bottle as they work a lot better as well as delivering our smooth textured formula in an easier way. If you want to test it out, just start with a few drops anywhere on your face or skin. You will possibly notice an immediate tingling sensation and slight tightening straight away. Yes, it often acts that fast. This means it’s working. Because our formula is so potent, and is filled with 2 ounce of Vitamin C Serum, you can stretch out one bottle for months on end. Or, you can apply liberally to any and all areas and enjoy a month’s worth of usage before coming back here to order another bottle.

What’s the secret to our achievements? Well, our Vitamin C serum is specifically formulated to increase your skin’s collagen production. That’s why our formula is different to all others available on Amazon. Another secret-our stabilization process. We can’t tell you the details on how we do this. We can only tell you that the more stable the Vitamin C, the more powerful it will be, and we know you can put us to the test against anyone else.


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