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Xtava Spiral Hair Curler

I have been on a long adventure searching for the perfect curling iron that with give me that perfect curl look I’ve been dreaming of, you know that curl that will hold and last for hours and hours though out your whole day!!! I have really thick super long hair. Every curling iron I have tried so far though out my life I have been pretty disappointed with because those curling irons I was lucky to even get an hour of time with the curls looking good. I had pretty much given up on finding a curling iron that would work for me and give me that all hour of day curl hold I had been dreaming of and searching for.This all changed the day I first saw this curling Iron!!!I was so excited to be able to receive this curling iron for the company to test and share my opinion!! When I received this curling iron in the mail I didn’t waste any time before testing it out!!!First of all I love the design of this curling iron by Xtava!!! This curling iron is made of high quality materials. The handle is easy grip which is a huge plus. The cord is a 360 swivel cord so you have complete freedom of movement which is a must for me!! It also has a secure hold clip to securely lock your hair into place!! I found this feature to be extremely helpful and most of the curling irons I tried before this definitely lacked that amazing feature. One of my other favorite features on this curling iron is the LED on button which comes in handy for me because Its easy to know if it is on or off!! This feature is great for if your someone that forgets to turn off your curling iron!!!While the design and features of this curling iron are beyond amazing in my opinion, My most favorite thing about this curling iron is that after my long adventure searching for the perfect curl I have to say after using this iron by Xtava I’m impressed!! I have finally found a curling iron that curls and holds my thick long hair for hours and hours!!!! I definitely would recommend this curling iron & brand to everyone !!


Xtava Allure professional Ionic ceramic hair dryer

I love this Allure professional Ionic ceramic hair dryer by Xtava!!! When I received this hair dryer in the mail I was so excited to test it out as my old hair dryer just crapped out the other day and I’ve been without a hair dryer. I’m in love with the design & quality of this hair dryer I love the sleek black design!!! This hair dryer is also made of high quality materials which is a plus for me as It needs to be able to last a long time. Its pretty light it weight compared to my old dryer with I love so it won’t made my wrist tired since I have long hair that normally takes a long time to dry I need to be able to have a dryer that light enough to hold for a long time. This dryer includes a Concentrator Nozzle with I love and works amazingly!! This attachment is said to direct maximized condensed air flow to the area you are targeting, adding precision and focus while controlling frizz and style outcome which it definitely does!! It also seems to dry my hair a lot faster then my old dry with saves me time!! It also has a 2 speed settings and 3 heat setting which work wonders and are a great feature to have!! I am really impressed with this dryer & I definitely would recommend this Hair Dryer by Xtava & brand to everyone !! I was so excited to receive this hair dryer from the company to test and share my opinion!!

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PhantomFit Resistance Loop bands

I was so excited to be able to receive these Resistance Loop bands by PhantomFit in the the mail!! After testing these resistance loop bands out for myself I have to say I really  loved these resistance Loop Bands!! I have been using these for yoga & crossfit exercises and love how they work.
I like that this pack of resistance bands comes in four different resistance strengths so the fit with my different exercises perfectly. I love that this pack of resistance bands comes in a bag which makes for easy storage of the bands when not in use. Some of the exercises I recommend and have tried while using these bands are squats, lunges, side-to-side exercises, stretching & more. I definitely recommend Phantom Fit resistance bands to everyone as there are many different exercises you can do with these bands. I was so excited to receive this resistance loop bands from the company to  test and share my opinion.

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