Santa Medical PM 180 Tens unit pulse massager Review

I got this Santa Medical PM Tens unit for a few of my family member’s to try out as there constantly struggling with joint pains & always looking for a way to lesson the pain. After trying this out for themselves they all found it worked really well & there no longer in a lot of pain. This Santa Medical PM-180 Rechargeable Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager really is an amazing product for people would experience & deal with joints pain etc. on a daily basis. Its a very small is compact & portable controlled device. It can easily be stored in a bag and taken with you for portable on the go pain relief. This compact small device can be used on many parts of your body such as arms, back, neck, shoulders, legs, joints etc. It comes with a battery thats easily rechargeable. This device has six modes to choose from so you can easily decrease or increase the frequency of the vibrations to figure out what better works for you and your pain type and level. This device is super easy to use all you do is attach the attachment pads to your skin whenever you have pain & turn on and select your mode. Your also able to set a timer for how long you want it to go for. My family member definitely enjoyed using this & recommends it to everyone. I personally was unable to fully test on my own due to currently health issues & my doctor recommending I don’t use this device. So I would keep that in mind when purchasing if you have health issues I’d ask your doctor as depending on what health issues you have some doctors don’t recommend these type of devices to be used.




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